[R-sig-ME] Increasing iteration limit / lmer bug

Adam D. I. Kramer adik at ilovebacon.org
Thu Apr 1 01:38:04 CEST 2010

Dear colleagues,

 	I am attempting to fit a model in this manner:

l3 <- glmer(mug ~ condition*time +

...the model fails to fit, however, noting:

In mer_finalize(ans) : iteration limit reached without convergence (9)

...so, of course, I read the man page for glmer and added
control=list(maxIter=3000). However, the program ran for the same amount of
time (about 10 minutes) and produced the same error (and, incidentally, the
same output).

So, I believe there to be a bug in glmer such that maxIter is not

I then upped maxFN, too, (also to 3000) in case that was the problem, but
found no meaningful difference in the model produced or the time taken to
fit the model.

Could somebody recommend a workaround? I would like to fit this model.

(running R 2.10.1, lme4 v. 0.999375-32)

Also, in case it matters, 'time' here is a categorical variable
reperesenting several within-subjects timepoints--there are some other
(unanswered) posts to this list in which people appear to have fairly
complex within-subjects effects. Perhaps the issue is that the defaults
which are in place are insufficiently high for moderately complex
within-subjects models?

Adam D. I. Kramer

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