[R-sig-ME] Could not get a lmer or glmer summary

Eric Edeline edeline at biologie.ens.fr
Sat Mar 27 14:59:48 CET 2010

I have solved my problem, which was apparently due to a conflict between 
lme4 and another library (one of these: tree, VGAM, sn, Matrix, 
mclust...) about an "rcon" object if I remember well.  Removing all the 
libraries including lme4 from /usr/local/lib/R/site-library and 
re-installing lme4 in /usr/lib/R/site-library made the trick. Sorry for 
not providing more detailed information, I just do not remember more!



David Duffy wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Mar 2010, Eric Edeline wrote:
>> Dear Ben,
>> thank you for your feed-back. I have now tested lmer on several 
>> datasets and I always get the same error message when asking for 
>> model summary. So the problem is with lme4, not with the data. Then, 
>> I ran the exact same models and data on another machine and it works 
>> fine! So the lme4 problem is specific to my machine. Then, I tried 
>> brute force: uninstalling and re-installing R on my machine, but the 
>> lme4 problem remains.
> Therefore, you either need to "just" extract the results you want from 
> m11
> directly (doing any necessary calculations yourself), or step through 
> using a
> debugger, or send all the files to Douglas Bates ;)
> Cheers, David Duffy.

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