[R-sig-ME] zipoisson in MCMCglmm

Celine Teplitsky teplitsky at mnhn.fr
Fri Dec 11 14:32:40 CET 2009

Dear all,

I am trying to run a zero inflated model with MCMCglmm as the number of 
days of parades in the birds is overdispersed.

I used this code:

priorA <- list(R=list(V=diag(2),n=2,fix=2), 

NBJ_ZIP<- MCMCglmm(NBJ~trait, random=~idh(trait):animal+idh(trait):IDb, 
rcov=~idh(trait):units,data=Data , 

I got this error message:

Error in if (max(data_tmp$MCMC_y) == 1) { :
   missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

and I don't manage to understand what I should change. I'm sorry if this 
was already answered but I could not find it.

Many thanks in advance

All the best


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