[R-sig-ME] Model selection and averaging

Luca Borger lborger at uoguelph.ca
Tue Dec 8 13:54:50 CET 2009


>is there any
>package capable to do model selection using a glmm object fitted by ML?

unless I got this wrong, GLMMs are fitted by ML. If you type


after loading the lme4 library you can see that it says:

"REML logical argument to lmer only."




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Dear list members,

I am using glmmML package to access the effects of variables on
presence-absence data set.  I intend to use IC model selection and
averaging, and have looked for a package to do it. I have found none that
can work with glmmML objects, but MuMIn works with glmer. Since my models
are only different in their fixed effects, I would like to know if it is
correct to use model selection for glmer objects that are fitted by REML. I
have read that models fitted by REML can be compared only if they are
different in their random effect. Is that right? If it is, is there any
package capable to do model selection using a glmm object fitted by ML?

Thank you very much for your consideration

Marcio de Morais

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