[R-sig-ME] possible side effect of gdata library on dotplot of random terms

espesser robert.espesser at lpl-aix.fr
Tue Dec 8 10:43:00 CET 2009

Dear all

It seems there is a name conflict between the reorder.factor() function
from the package "gdata" and the reorder.factor() from the package "stats" .
After loading the  library "gdata", dotplot(ranef( model_object.lmer)  )
 - which seems using internally  by default reorder.factor()  from the 
package "stats"  -
does not plot the random terms sorted any more .
The regular behavior can be recovered with:
but is there an easier or a more convenient way ?

Thank you for your help

R. Espesser
CNRS - Université de Provence
Laboratoire Parole & Langage
5 avenue Pasteur
BP 80975
13604 Aix en Provence Cedex 1 (France)

web : www.lpl-aix.fr/~espesser

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