[R-sig-ME] Modelling missing data in MCMCglmm()

Dawson Wayne wayne.dawson at ips.unibe.ch
Mon Oct 12 16:50:19 CEST 2009

Hi R users,

This is more of a forward planning question on my part, as I am still  
constructing this particular dataset, but I want to use MCMCglmm to  
test for factors contributing to naturalisation success of alien  
plants, whilst including a phylogeny. I will have missing data in this  
dataset, especially seed size for a number of species. I have read  
through the MCMCglmm vignette and package pdf and cannot see an  
example of how to include code for modelling missing data. To model  
missing seed sizes per species, I would like to use the mean and  
variance of seed size for congeners.

I'm guessing they would be included as priors somehow, but I'm unsure  
how this coding would work. Any suggestions/further reading advice  



Dr. Wayne Dawson
Institute of Plant Sciences
University of Bern
Altenbergrain 21
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