[R-sig-ME] need help in glm

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Wed Sep 30 02:52:39 CEST 2009

  Since you have a closed-form expression for the likelihood, you can
use optim() [base package] directly, or use mle [stats4], or mle2 [bbmle].

hossain zamani wrote:
> Dear all, I am a R using. I have a mixed Poisson regression. my
> function is:
> ## P(N=k)=[(a+2)/a
> ](lambda^k)*[((a+2/a+1)+lambda)^(-k-1)-(a+2+lambda)^(-k-1)];
> lambda=a0+a1*x1+a2*x2
> and I've attached in a pdf file also.This is a poisson mixed with a
> weighted exponential distribution in the case that
> E(theta)=1(theta=random.effect). in fact this model is same as a
> Poisson-inverse gaussian or Poisson-lognormal regression.I want to
> estimate the parameters by fitting this model on my data and then
> compare with Poisson regression(glm).Which package in R can be used. 
> with the best wishes Zamani.H

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