[R-sig-ME] R-sig-mixed-models Digest, Vol 32, Issue 24

David Evans davidwevans at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 23 02:19:25 CEST 2009

Thanks for the help so far.  I'll look at mcmcglmm--a good idea, even  
though I was hoping to use R for my "quick" exploratory models before  
moving to WinBUGS.  "Quickly exploring" with mcmc makes me nervous.

David, would it be possible to help me with some references on using  
Gaussian errors for binary data which you mention below.  I've read  
the Paper by Cheung, A modified least-squares regression approach to  
the estimation of risk difference, AJE 2007, 166:1337-1344 but was  
hoping to find some more on this.  In particular, any references which  
say Gaussian errors are acceptable in mixed models would be most  
appreciated (I have an outcome prevalence in the 0.2's).

Thanks again.


P.S. Judging by the responses I've received, I can see Australia is  
not on holidays at the moment, unlike the Northern Hemisphere!

Le 20 août 09 à 12:00, r-sig-mixed-models-request at r-project.org a  
écrit :

> Finally,
> there is some literature suggesting that the Gaussian LMM for binary  
> data
> might not be too bad, especially if the probabilities are all >0.05.

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