[R-sig-ME] lmer (lme4): extract random effects variance

Katharina May may.katharina at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 25 15:50:21 CEST 2009

Hi *,

I struggling with extracting some information out of a lmer model:

How can I extract the random effects Groups (Name, Variance) like seen in output
from summary(allo.lmer.ml):
Random effects:
 Groups                          Name          Variance  Std.Dev. Corr
 as.factor(biomass_data$site.ID) (Intercept)   0.9714604 0.98563
                                 log(BM_roots) 0.0047707 0.06907  -0.131

Somehow I cannot find anything within str(allo.lmer.ml) and

I know to extract the AIC and the fixed effects part addressing the
following slots
of the summary output:


Thanks in advance for any hint, I'm still hoping to avoid copy paste
as I've got several models.


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