[R-sig-ME] Modeling correlation structure in mixed models

Phillip Chapman pchapman at stat.colostate.edu
Mon Jun 29 21:59:26 CEST 2009

Dear r-sig-mixed models board participants:

Rather than clutter the board with individual responses, I will just 
send one note thanking all those who made helpful responses to my 
inquiry about understanding mixed models in nlme and lme4.  Your info 
has been a great help.

1. Robert LaBudde:  I have the West, et al. Linear Mixed Models book, 
but wasn't aware that there was lme4 script on its web site.

2.  Kingsford Jones:  It is great news that Doug Bates is working on an 
companion book for lme4.  Perhaps some advance material will be 
available when it is closer to completion.  I will keep an eye on his 
web site for additional references.  Thanks for the other references and 
for calling my attention to the example on page 164.  In an agricultural 
context it would be called a "split block design."

3. Milton RUser:  I will buy a copy of the "Mixed Effects Models and 
Extensions in Ecology with R".  I had seen it on Amazon was close to 
buying it.  I think I will go ahead.

4. Gabor Grothendieck:  I'll look at the mgcv and DAAG packages.

5.  Alain Zuur;  I'll look forward to your sequel.  Ntzoufras looks 
useful, I'll take a closer look.

6.  Theirry Onkelinx:  I was aware that by listing both effects in the 
same specification that I could get an unstructured covariance.  The 
application that I am currently looking has 30 year, for which I would 
like to fit AR1 structure.

Thanks again,
Phil Chapman


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