[R-sig-ME] Multivariate mixed effects model

Afshartous, David DAfshartous at med.miami.edu
Mon Jun 29 16:03:20 CEST 2009


Has anyone performed a multivariate mixed model with lme or lmer?  An
example of such a model is in Fieuws & Verbeke (2004), "Joint modelling of
multivariate longitudinal profiles, pitfalls of the random effects
approach," Statistics in Medicine, 23:3093-3104.  They also developed a
pairwise fitting method for the case when the number of response variable is
large (Biometrics 2006; 62:424-431), and the implementation was done in SAS.
In any event, I'd rather avoid SAS and do my analysis in R and was wondering
if anyone here could provide any pointers.  Not much turned up in the
archives on this.


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