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For those of you not on the general multilevel listserv, this might be 
of interest.  Note that their software can output R code to do the 

[Caveat: I just saw this today and haven't played with the software at 

cheers, Dave

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Subject: Announce: New (free) beta version of MLPowSim software
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 13:06:47 +0000
From: WJ Browne <William.Browne at BRISTOL.AC.UK>
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Dear All Multilevellers,
We are pleased to make available a new free piece of software MLPowSim
that is designed for performing sample size/power calculations in
multilevel models via simulation.
The software package has been developed as part of a UK ESRC
funded-project and is an 'old-fashioned' text input program that creates
files that can be used in conjunction with MLwiN or R to perform the
necessary computations to perform complex power calculations.
The program is available along with an extensive 150 page manual from the
webpage <http://seis.bris.ac.uk/~frwjb/esrc.html>
We will describe the software currently as a Beta version as we have only
had time to do preliminary testing and we haven't included much error
trapping. The software is FREE and as such comes with no guarantees in
terms of producing correct answers (although we hope it does!) and no
guarantee of fast response to fixing of any bugs reported (although we hope
there aren't many). We will however be genuinely pleased if people use it
and let us know of any bugs they find or if they have a 'wish list' of
additional features they might like.
  If you do use the software and would like to give feedback, bug reports
or a wish list please E-mail either Richard Parker
(richard.parker at bristol.ac.uk) or me (frwjb at bristol.ac.uk).
  Good luck with the software,
    Best wishes,
      Bill Browne.

P.S. Note for MLwiN users there are further goodies (which are very much
work in progress and will be changing over time) with regard new MCMC
features in MLwiN, many of which you can try out in the current version.
Again these are currently hidden to the user by default and have not been
thoroughly tested so any bugs you spot please let me know.

WJ Browne
frwjb at bristol.ac.uk

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