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has some examples that may help.

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> Hello all listª!!!
> I` am currently comparing generalized linear mixed models in lmer, with
> quasibinomial families. I read some of the discussions on the R-forum
> and it seems
> that the Laplace approximation used in the current version of lmer is
> good. My problem is that in lmer, with quasibinomial families, only
> get t-values but no associated p-values.
> I understood that LRT for testing fixed effects in no good (Bolker et
> al 2008). So, Is there a way to get a reliable p-value for the fixed
> effects?
> In this forum spoke about Wald F test and wald t test, but I don’t know
> how I estimated this test in R software for GLMM analysis. Can anybody
> talk me about this?
>  Thank you so much
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