[R-sig-ME] Random covariates with common variance

Juan Pedro Steibel steibelj at msu.edu
Thu Feb 19 14:38:41 CET 2009

Hello everyone,
I can not find in the documentation how to fit the following model with 
lmer, any help would be much appreciated:
Suppose I have a set of three covariates z1, z2, z3 that I want to fit 
as random effects. Their coefficients U=(u1,u2, u3) have distribution: 
Where sig.sq_u is a scalar, I is the Identity matrix of order 3.
I can fit a model with an unstructured covariance matrix on U, and with 
independent heteroskedastic distributions on the components of U, but 
cannot find a way of fitting what I need.

Any pointers/suggestion/comments?

Juan Pedro Steibel

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