[R-sig-ME] model selection in lme4

Tahira Jamil tahirajamil at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 15 23:44:16 CET 2009

I have run  GLMM models in lme4 with different fixed effects and random effects . But now the problem is model selction Is AIC or BIC results are definitive specially for Gernalized linear mixed models or what critera should I use for model selction. So I can decide which explantory variable should be in the model because I have more than 10 explantory variables and some are entering in the model as random effect. In some cases If AIC has lower value but BIC is comparatively high. 
    some suggestion for model selection would be highly appricated.

    WIth best wishes
    T Jamil 
    Ph.D student
    Wageningen University and Research centre Netherlands.

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