[R-sig-ME] Mixed-models and condition number

Christina Bogner christina.bogner at uni-bayreuth.de
Mon Feb 2 18:00:18 CET 2009

Dear list members,

I'm working with both nlme and lme4 packages trying to fit linear 
mixed-models to soil chemical and physical data. I know that for linear 
models one can calculate the condition number kappa of the model matrix 
to know whether the problem is well- or ill-conditioned. Does it make 
any sense to compute kappa on the design matrix of the fixed-effects in 
nlme or lme4? For comparison I fitted a simple linear model to my data 
and scaling some numerical predictors decreased kappa considerably. So I 
wonder if scaling them in the mixed-model has any advantages?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Christina Bogner

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