[R-sig-ME] calculation of AIC

Adam D. I. Kramer adik at ilovebacon.org
Sun Feb 1 20:41:44 CET 2009

On Sun, 1 Feb 2009, orzack wrote:

> Speaking of this, does anybody know how to change the default rounding for 
> glm (and lmer) OR for an R session in general (e.g., so that a regular call 
> to glm would generate AIC values with more digits)?

> 1/7
[1] 0.1428571
> options(digits=22)
> 1/7
[1] 0.1428571428571428
> options(digits=23)
Error in options(digits = 23) :
   invalid 'digits' parameter, allowed 1...22
> options(digits=22)

...but this of course won't help if there is explicit rounding programmed
into glm/lmer. I also do not understand what would motivate this code,
instead of a more straightforward round(aic,0).


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