[R-sig-ME] glmm AIC/LogLik reliability

D O S Gillespie D.Gillespie at sheffield.ac.uk
Wed Jan 28 14:31:13 CET 2009

Dear R-Sig-ME -

Lets assume that I am going to use a model averaging AIC based  
approach to evaluate nested glmm's.

I would like to assume that the estimation of AIC and LogLik in the  
glmm's of lmer are consistent enough (precise, if not accurate) to use  
in this framework. I realize that we don't trust anova(m1, m2), mainly  
due to df and tests statistics issues.

I realise that some of you may suggest that this is not the correct  
framework.  If so, can you distinguish arguments about the philosophy  
of AIC model averaging from the practical implementation - i.e. is the  
output consistent enough to use if, even if you don't believe the  
answer.  Perhaps they are too intertwined.


Duncan Gillespie

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