[R-sig-ME] Zero variance and Std. Dev. using lmer?

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Dear Luciano,

Your variables are strongly correlated. Sibling competition is only
absent when the clutch size is one. Likewise the hatching order can only
be three if the clutch size is three. This could cause numberical
instability of your model. So I suggest that you simplify your model.
What results do you get with this model: lmer(Death10 ~ ClutchSize + Yr
+ (1|NestID), family = binomial)



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Onderwerp: [R-sig-ME] Zero variance and Std. Dev. using lmer?

Dear R-people: 

I have run a GLMM (using lmer) with the fixed and random effects
below. Oddly I think, I get zero variance and Std. Dev. values. 

How is that possible? Does it mean that the RE "NestID" is not helping
account for autocorrelation among sibling chicks at the nest level? 

Or is this a small sample size problem? 

As well, I ran an ordinary logistic regression using he exact same fixed
variables, and I got the exact same AIC and BIC values and estimates for
fixed effects, error, z value, and Pr(>|z|). 

Does this support the idea that the GLMM with RE for NestID is not
at all? 

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Cheers for now.



model <-

Generalized linear mixed model fit by the Laplace approximation 

Formula: Death10 ~ HO + ClutchSize + Sibcomp + yr + (1 | NestID) 

Data: 1 

AIC      BIC       logLik     deviance

242.2    268.5     -113.1     226.2

Random effects:

Groups Name           Variance      Std. Dev.

NestID (Intercept)    0                  0      

Number of obs: 198, groups: NestID, 104

Fixed effects:

                                   Estimate                     Std.
z value             Pr(>|z|)  

(Intercept)                   -1.2239                      0.5114
-2.3934           0.0167 *

HOSecond                  -0.6910                      0.8928
-0.7739           0.4390  

HOThird                       0.6768                       1.0327
0.6554             0.5122  

ClutchSizeTwo-eggs     1.3961                     0.5864
0.0173 *

ClutchSizeThree-eggs   0.3958                      0.5843

SibcompAbsent             1.7804                     0.9140
1.9479             0.0514 .

yr2007                         -0.8299                      0.3423
-2.4245           0.0153 *


Signif. codes:  0 '***' 0.001 '**' 0.01 '*' 0.05 '.' 0.1 ' ' 1 

Correlation of Fixed Effects:

                          (Intr)      HOScnd     HOThrd     CltchSzTw-
CltchSzTh-   SbcmpA

HOSecond        -0.034                                            

HOThird           -0.031    0.837                                    

CltchSzTw-g   -0.830   -0.069          -0.022

CltchSzThr-      -0.816   -0.088          -0.107         0.785

SibcmpAbsnt     0.052   -0.904          -0.836       -0.018

yr2007              -0.233    0.145           0.133         0.025
-0.050       - 0.224

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