[R-sig-ME] Matrix messages when loading lme4

Christopher David Desjardins desja004 at umn.edu
Sat Dec 27 22:18:43 CET 2008

Thanks that's very helpful.

On Dec 27, 2008, at 1:06 PM, Daniel Ezra Johnson wrote:

> It means that the Matrix package includes functions with the names
> listed, which as long as Matrix is loaded, supersede the original
> versions of those functions in the base and stats packages.
> If you look at one of the help pages, it should explain the change to
> the function. Usually this is some additional functionality and the
> function should be usable as before, if desired.
> For example, ?xtabs (or ?Matrix::xtabs) gives this notice: "This is a
> fully compatible extension of the standard stats package xtabs()
> function with the added option to produce a sparse matrix result via
> sparse = TRUE."
> Hope this helps,
> Dan

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