[R-sig-ME] lmer and warming message when using method=ML

Renwick, A. R. a.renwick at abdn.ac.uk
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When you use a lmer model you have to use the command REML=FALSE instead of method=ML.

One thing to note also is that when you use an lmer model in at not possible at present to use the REML method.

Doug Bates replyed to my question asking just that on the 17th Sep "The REML criterion is not defined for generalized linear mixed models. Well, at least I don't know of a definition that makes sense for GLMMs. "
Hope that helps,

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Hello lmer experts

In the past the lmer function allowed to choose either ML or REML as the estimation method.

I just updated the R version  to *R version 2.8.0* (2008-10-20)
(i386-pc-mingw32)  and the lme4 package to *lme4_0.999375-27.

*I am running my old code choosing ML as the estimation method and I am getting this warming:

Warning message:
In lmer(meansize ~ year + (year | id), data = cas, method = "ML") :
  Argument 'method' is deprecated.  Use 'REML' instead

This is my code:

model.a<-lmer(meansize~year+ (year|id),data=cas, method="ML")

I have tried to look for the asnwer myself in the R-sig-mixed message board and I could not find an answer.

Does anybody understand the reason why ML cannot be used anymore?

Thanks in advance.


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