[R-sig-ME] using glmer with user-defined link function

vito muggeo vmuggeo at dssm.unipa.it
Tue Oct 21 16:10:58 CEST 2008

dear all,
I am trying to use an user-specified link function in glmer() (via the 
argument family), but the error is

Error in famType(glmFit$family) : unknown link: ‘my_link’

my_link is a proper link function (of class "link-glm") which works 
correctly with glm() and also with MASS::glmmPQL()

It appears that the function lme4::famType() checks for the name by 
comparing it with the names in "famNms" which includes "gaussian", 
"binomial", "Gamma", ... however I do not know whether it is sufficient 
to include "my_link" in famNms, and possibly I do not how to do it.. :-)

many thanks,

Vito M.R. Muggeo
Dip.to Sc Statist e Matem `Vianelli'
Università di Palermo
viale delle Scienze, edificio 13
90128 Palermo - ITALY
tel: 091 6626240
fax: 091 485726/485612

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