[R-sig-ME] generalized linear mixed models: large differences when using glmmPQL or lmer with laplace approximation

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Tue Oct 7 20:31:20 CEST 2008

You make reference to my comment below, but I think you overstate my position a bit (the words in quotes are not a direct quote of what I said).

The original poster mentioned that 2 different methods gave 2 different models, one possibility is that one method gave a wrong model (biased in a non-good way), another possibility is that the predictor variables are correlated enough that there are multiple good models.  I merely pointed out that comparing the predicted values to the original values would be one way to possibly distinguish between the 2 cases.

Focusing too much on the predicted values can lead to overfitting, so we should not depend only on that.  P-values are useful in some cases, so I would not say "don't worry about the p-values" as a general statement.

The issue of editors wanting p-values even when they answer the wrong question is part of the result of statisticians doing to good a job of training other researchers.  Now it is our responsibility to continue to train them as to when to use certain tools.

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> Martijn Vandegehuchte wrote:
> > First of all, thanks a lot for the info.
> >
> > I know the differences seem small, but most ecological journals still
> > let their opinion about ecological relevance of predictors depend
> > completely on p-values... So I think I'll stick to lmer because of
> the
> > Laplace approximation.
>   Well, Laplace should be better anyway.  (If the difference were in
> the other direction -- non-significant with Laplace and significant
> with
> glmmPQL -- I would still tell you to use Laplace.)
>   To speak to Greg Snow's comment ("don't worry about p-values, just
> look at predictions") -- this is really tough.  I still don't know
> what to do about the compromise between how statistics should be done
> and how journal editors seem to insist it should be done ...
>   cheers
>    Ben
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