[R-sig-ME] Errors in computing GEE models

david dav davamaillist at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 21:39:00 CEST 2008

I posted this on the general R-announce list a few weeks ago. I was
suggested to try it here :

I would like to fit a GLM model with GEE on clustered data.
I tried to use gee in the GEE package on a twin data set. All cluster
are of size 2. I removed the missing data first.

mod.Y <- gee(Y ~ X1 + X2 , id = IDENTIF2,  family = binomial, corstr
= "unstructured", data = na.omit(df))

Beginning Cgee S-function, @(#) geeformula.q 4.13 98/01/27
running glm to get initial regression estimate
(Intercept)         X1M  X2Sans AMP      X2Stim
 -2.7756284   0.4658861  -1.6508288  -1.5059518
Erreur dans gee(Y ~ X1 + X2, id = IDENTIF2, family = binomial, corstr
= "unstructured",  :
 NA/NaN/Inf dans un appel à une fonction externe (argument 2)   #
meaning in a call to an external function
De plus : Warning message:
In gee(Y ~ X1 + X2, id = IDENTIF2, family = binomial, corstr =
"unstructured",  :
 NAs introduits lors de la conversion automatique   # meaning NAs
introduced during the automatic conversion

The regression gives results with SAS version 8 on the same dataset
(results are pretty close from the results of a naive logistic
I tried to change the explanatory variables (X1 alone, X2 alone, other
possible explanatory variables : no result). I do not find where the
error could come from.

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