[R-sig-ME] Rasch models in Greek

Iasonas Lamprianou lamprianou at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 12:00:41 CEST 2008

Dear friends and experts,
I have been watching this space for many years - more than a decade. I have benefitted a lot. This time, I need your advice on something important to me - and probably to other people. 
I have been flirting with the idea of publishing an introductory text about Rasch models in the Greek language. The Rasch model may just be a differnt formulation of a mixed effects model. Thats whay I am writing this message here.
No Greek language Rasch book is available at the moment. The audience, of course, is small. Instead of focusing on the Educational aspect, I would like to cover examples from all sorts of disciplines (in order to increase the audience and in order to show the flexibility and the usefulness of the model). I'll also offer a windows-based Rasch software for free to accompany the book. The software is very user-friendly, but not as fast and not as rich as Facets, Winsteps, RUMM etc. Still, it is great for beginners because it is only menu-based. The target group will be researchers as well as pre- and post-graduate students of Education, Psychology, Sociology, Medicine, Nursing etc. It will be the first book of its kind. 
However, I am NOT one of the great names in the world of Rasch models (or mixed-effects models). Therefore, I would like this book to be peer-reviewed. In other words, I would politely ask the members of this list to kindly introduce me to Greek-speaking persons/academics who are experienced with Rasch (if any of them attend this list). I would like to negotiate with them to act as reviewers. 
Please forward this message to Greek-speaking Rasch-people you know. 
Also, any of you out there who do not speak Greek but would like to contribute in any other way are welcome.
Thank you for your time

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