[R-sig-ME] iteration limit reached without convergence

Gabe Doyle gdoyle at ling.ucsd.edu
Sun Apr 27 03:44:52 CEST 2008

Dear mixed modellers,

I am running some mixed-effects logit models that seem to fail to converge,
as evidenced by the warning message:

In mer_finalize(ans, verbose) :
iteration limit reached without convergence (9) 

In the CRAN version of lme4, it is possible to specify the maximum number
of iterations used by nlminb while estimating model parameters, by passing
the parameter control=list(msMaxIter=N) in to lmer. However, this doesn't
seem to work with the R-Forge version. Is there a way of controlling the
iteration limit in the R-Forge version that I'm overlooking?

Much obliged,
Gabe Doyle

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