[R-sig-ME] Problems withestimationg model in lmer

Nicholas Lewin-Koh lewin-koh.nicholas at gene.com
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Hi Doug,
Actually the effect is subtle. If you look at slice by day 
and look at the dose response curves from the model there is 
a small effect at small doses in the slope, as the dose increases there is 
actual suppression.

By the way, even though I tried to strip off anything that might be
informative about which compound this is, please understand that this is
company data. I would ask that it not be distributed beyond your class. I do
not have the authority to ok its release to a broader audience.

Thanks for your understanding

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Thanks for sending the data with your report,  Nicholas.  I found it
very interesting, especially as a group of us are conducting a reading
course using Deepayan Sarkar's forthcoming book "Lattice: Multivariate
Data Visualization with R" (Springer, 2008).  (The book is due out
next month - Deepayan was kind enough to let us use a preprint copy
for the course.)  I enclose a plot of these data and the R code that
generates the plot.  It is interesting because it shows a thresholding
kind of behavior.  There is not much effect for dose until about 1.25
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