[R-sig-ME] Multinomial models

David Duffy David.Duffy at qimr.edu.au
Fri Feb 8 03:16:17 CET 2008

On Thu, 7 Feb 2008, Douglas Bates wrote:

> I should have been more explicit.  One can use any of the families
> defined in the stats package for R, including the quasi family.
> They could be extended but that would need a definition of inverse
> link, the derivative of the inverse link and the variance function for
> any new families that are to be incorporated.
Austin Frank asked

>> Unsurprisingly, I'm wondering whether the above change will enable me to
>> model a multinomial dependent variable using glmer.  Is this now
>> possible?

I can imagine a proportional odds/multiple threshold mixed model in lmer, 
but don't see how Gaussian distributed random effects could be included 
in a multinomial model without going to some type of a multivariate model.

To AF: May I ask how you currently deal with such data, LCA/LSA etc with 
latent categorical or continuous variables?

To DB: Will lmer eventually allow multivariate models and arbitrary 
distributions for the random effects (eg mixtures of normals, other 
parametric distributions)?  Are they already in there somewhere ;)

Cheers, David Duffy.

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