[R-sig-ME] Development version of lme4 now passes its tests

Stefan Theussl stefan.theussl at wu-wien.ac.at
Mon Jan 7 16:44:45 CET 2008

Douglas Bates wrote:
> You're correct, Bernd, that the versions available by install.packages
> from the repository at R-forge.R-packages.org appear to be out of
> date.  Even the tar.gz file scm-latest.tar.gz is out of date
> (apparently from January 04).
> Those who can build a package from the source files can obtain the
> latest version from the SVN archive at R-forge (instructions are given
> at the SCM tab on the main project page).  I have just submitted the
> package to Uwe's win-builder.R-project.org site to create a binary
> Windows package, which I will make available on my web site as
> http://www.stat.wisc.edu/~bates/lme4-2008-01-06-wiin32.zip
> Stefan: Will someone be able to check on what is happening to the
> nightly builds?
this is fixed. the permissions were wrong in the svn export directory. 
This was because of some experimenting a few days ago.

the latest binaries are now available as usual.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused.

> On Jan 7, 2008 8:18 AM, Bernd Weiss <bernd.weiss at uni-koeln.de> wrote:
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>> Douglas Bates schrieb:
>> [...]
>> | I have added web pages documenting the C source code at
>> | http://lme4.R-forge.R-project.org/doxygen.  In general you can use
>> | http://lme4.R-forge.R-project.org/ as the 'home page' for the project.
>> |  There is a link there to the project summary page.  You can browse
>> | the source code for the package under the SCM (source code management)
>> | tab on the project summary page.  The SCM tab provides information on
>> | how you can access the svn repository.  Alternatively, you can wait
>> | for the package builds to occur overnight (in Vienna) and install the
>> | new version with
>> |
>> | install.packages("lme4", repos = "http://r-forge.r-project.org")
>> I am sorry if I am missing anything but I was unable to download the
>> windows version of the development version of lme4. Neither
>> <install.packages("lme4", repos ...> nor the SCM approach
>> ("win32-latest.zip") works properly.
>> Some of my datasets are very strange... with respect to multilevel
>> modelling, of course (N ~ 80.000, K = 15, binary dependent variable).
>> So, it would be interesting to (1) replicate former results. In
>> addition, (2) I would like to compare lmer results with MLWwiN and Stata
>> (xtlogit, gllamm, xtmelogit).
>> Regards,
>> Bernd
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