[R-sig-ME] Extracting significance for fixed effect

Dieter Menne dieter.menne at menne-biomed.de
Thu Dec 6 15:20:54 CET 2007

Rob Forsyth <r.j.forsyth at ...> writes:

> A hopefully simple query. I have an nlme model based on the SSlogis()  
> function in which I am testing for a fixed effect of GROUP on xmid. I  
> can see the p value of xmid.GROUP in the summary() but what is the  
> syntax to extract this as a variable for further use?

fm1Soy.lis <- nlsList(weight ~ SSlogis(Time, Asym, xmid, scal),
                       data = Soybean)
fm1Soy.nlme <- nlme(fm1Soy.lis)
# Dear Nikolaus, I wish future versions to have a nice 
# extractor function for the following.
fm1Soy.tab = summary(fm1Soy.nlme)$tTable

... and I leave it as an easy exercise to extract the wanted from fm1Soy.tab.

Note that this is a developer list for a future version of lme(x); for nlme you
usually should contact r-help. And next time, please supply an example such as
the above to make life easier, which will increase the chances to get a response.


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