[R-sig-ME] residuals in lme4

lunina at access.unizh.ch lunina at access.unizh.ch
Sun Aug 26 12:04:22 CEST 2007


I want to get the residuals of a heteroscedastic linear mixed-effects-model. 
How can I fit such one ond how is it possible to extract the residuals?

I saw that the the usual function "resid(.)" works for lmer, but not for 
lmer2. But no one of these two shows any change in the model values if I 
define some "weights". Is "weights" not yet implementet? And is there 
another possibility to calculate a weighted linear mixed-effects-model?

I already tried it with "lme(.)" of the package "nlme", but the models with 
"lme" fit much worse than those with "lmer", also if I compare the 
unweighted ones...

Thanks a lot


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