[R-sig-ME] Boxplot for lmer

lunina at access.unizh.ch lunina at access.unizh.ch
Thu Aug 16 16:36:46 CEST 2007

Dear Members

I'm computing a lmer-model.I wanted to check if a heteroscedastic model 
would fit better, but had to find out, that the "weights"-argument in lmer 
don't work yet. In the archiv I found that lmer2 doesn't have this problem 
and therefore I computed my heteroscedastic model with lmer2. But now I want 
to draw a boxplot, to check how mutch better the heteroscedastic model is. 
Somehow, no one of the functions/slots "residuals()" or "fitted" works. How 
could I get them out of my lmer2- model?

Thanks a lot

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