[R-sig-ME] random effect variance per treatment group in lmer

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"Afshartous, David" <afshart at exchange.sba.miami.edu> wrote:
>(although it seem nonsensical to want such a covariance)


Doug Bates' lmer formulas offer an elegant notation for constraining covariances to zero.

You won't have a covariance parameter if you use
( 0 + as.numeric(drug=="D") | Patient ) + ( 0 + as.numeric(drug=="P") | Patient )

which is why you'd want to use two terms instead of combining them as
( 0 + as.numeric(drug=="D") + as.numeric(drug=="P") | Patient )
because this second version would give you the silly covariace parameter (which unsurprisingly would always have the value 0, even though it would burn a degree of freedom)


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