[R-meta] Modifying forest plots while using "RevMan5" format

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Tue Jun 20 00:17:41 CEST 2023


I am encountering two issues in my forest plots generated using forest.meta
with layout = "RevMan5". While I have been able to customize almost all of
the formatting, I have two problems I cannot seem to resolve.

In my forest plots, all of the data (mean, sd, n, weight) is aligned to the
right in its respective column, with the exception of the data for my
summary measure (SMD, 95%CI) - all of the data in this column is aligned to
the centre of the column, and as a result my figure looks very sloppy. Is
there any way to adjust this so it also aligns right? I have tried
different arguments for justification (left, centre, right) but every
single one has excluded this column from the adjustment while applying to
all others.

My second problem is adjusting the digits reported for group size - I am
working with a dataset where it is common for a control group to service
multiple experimental groups, therefore some of the group sizes are divided
and contain decimals. While I have been able to adjust digits in other
columns, I cannot seem to modify "n.c" even when I try to apply digits = x
the figure as a whole.

Current code (meta_reach is the stored data from rma using metacont, sm=SMD)
            layout = "RevMan5",
            lab.e = "REHAB",
            lab.c = "CONTROL",
            label.left = "Favours CONTROL",
            label.right = "Favours REHAB",
            test.overall.random = TRUE,
            colgap = "0.5cm",
            colgap.forest = "0.25cm",
            col.square = 'grey',
            col.square.lines = 'grey',
            fontfamily = 'arial',
            squaresize = 0.8,
            digits.total = 2,
            digits.sd = 2,
            digits.tau2 = 2,
            digits.n.c = 3,
            clip = c(-4,4),
            xlim = c(-4,4),
            just.studlab = "right",
            ff.study.labels = "bold",
            fs.heading = 16,
            fs.smlab = 16,
            fs.study = 14,
            fs.study.labels = 14,
            fs.random = 14,
            fs.test.overall = 13,
            fs.hetstat = 13,
            fs.test.subgroup = 13,
            spacing = 1.1)

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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