[R-meta] How to interpret sigma(model)^2 in metafor

Yuhang Hu yh342 @end|ng |rom n@u@edu
Tue Jan 24 05:28:00 CET 2023

Hello Colleagues,

By habit, I always check the variance of the residuals of my ordinary
regression models using: sigma(model)^2, which is also printed in the

I know that the variance of the residuals in meta-regression is not
estimated but rather taken as being known and fixed by virtue of user's
supplying the 'vi' or 'V' to functions such as rma.uni() and

So, I was wondering what is the interpretation of sigma(rma.uni_model)^2
and sigma(rma.mv_model)^2 and how they connect to the user-supplied 'vi'.

Thank you very much for your time.


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