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Tue Sep 20 10:11:13 CEST 2022


We ran several studies where we had indirect effects, and we would like to
report them in the form of meta-analyses. In one of the threads on stat
exchange (here
I found a comment suggesting that in the case all variables are the same
and the model is the same across these studies, one could just calculate
estimates and standard errors and put them into some package such as
metafor. So this would be my case, but I am wondering what would be the
exact code in metafor to calculate this?

What I did was that I calculated variance ( vi=SE^2 ) and ran the following

 res <-rma.uni(yi=Mod_OSC,vi=vi,ni=N,slab=Studies, data=mydata)

Is this correct?

Also, would the same procedure work for moderation effects?

I  know this question is basic, but I have no previous experience with
meta-analysis, and on the internet, I could not find some simple solution
for which I am sure it is correct.

 Anne O.

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