[R-meta] Comparing heterogeneity explained from different meta-regression models with the same moderator

Yuan, Zhenyu zyu@n19 @end|ng |rom u|c@edu
Tue Sep 20 02:32:26 CEST 2022


I ran into a question regarding the heterogeneity explained by a meta-regression model and I would appreciate any insights or guidance you all can provide.

Specifically, I have two meta-regression models (analyzed via the "metafor" package) whereby the outcome variables are different but the moderator is the same. I reported the heterogeneity explained in these two models in my research. I was asked whether there would be any way to formally test the difference in the amount of heterogeneity explained between these two models. My understanding is that this would be difficult given that the outcome variables are different. However, I wanted to reach out to the listserv and see if my understanding is correct.

I'd greatly appreciate any guidance in this regard. Thank you for your time.


Zhenyu Yuan
Assistant Professor
Department of Managerial Studies
University of Illinois Chicago

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