[R-meta] bootstrap predicted value

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Fri Oct 21 13:00:06 CEST 2022

Dear Patrizio,

There is an example of bootstrapping here:


Should be easy to adapt this to bootstrapping what predict() returns.


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>Il 20/10/2022 22:29, James Pustejovsky wrote:
>> Hi Patrizio,
>> Your question is not specific enough for someone to provide a
>> response. Perhaps if you can provide more context and detail, someone
>> might be able to offer pointers. Is this in the context of a
>> meta-analysis? predictive values of what? What sort of bootstrapping
>> process are you considering?
>Let's suppose we have to carry out a common meta-analysis with the
>following syntax:
> >res= rma(yi,vi, method="REML", data = data,  knha=TRUE)
>how is it possible to apply a bootstrap procedure for the estimation of
> >predict(res)
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