[R-meta] Questions About Multilevel Models

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Dear Tori,

1) Corrections like this are done typically on the effect size estimates (and corresponding sampling variances) before fitting the model (unless one uses methods like those described by Hunter and Schmidt using 'artifact distributions' and correcting estimates coming from the model, but this is really something very specific to the 'Hunter and Schmidt method'). So, you can apply any corrections you deem necessary and then use those in whatever model you like.

2) Yes, predict() will provide those.


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>Hi everyone -
>Thank you for all your guidance in advance!
>I have a couple of questions -- (1) is there a way to correct for range
>restriction and/or measurement error in multilevel analyses and (2) is
>there a way to calculate prediction intervals using the metafor package for
>multilevel models?  Thanks again for your help!
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