[R-meta] Question about MASEM with categorical predictors

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Dear Catia,

Disclaimer: I am not up-to-date with MASEM advances so perhaps there is 
a more user-friendly solution. Consider checking recent work by Mike 
Cheung and Suzanne Jak for references about cutting-edge methods.

If you have access to raw data then one could use the parameter-based 
MASEM approach. Since it is possible to use categorical predictors in 
lavaan/blavaan, one could fit the model separately for each sample and 
then pool the estimates. This approach has a clear practical limitation: 
all variables/categories need to be assessed in all studies, which is 
not always the case.

Alternatively, one could fit separate models for each category (e.g., 
women, men). After all, stratification is just another kind of adjusting 
for variables.

Some references about the parameter-based approach can be found in this 
Cheung, M. W.-L. (2021). Meta-analytic structural equation modeling. 
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management, Oxford 
University Press. https://doi.org/10.1093/acrefore/9780190224851.013.225

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> Dear all,
> Has any of you ever used MASEM with categorical predictors, where the path
> model is "X1 ~ V1 + V2 + V3", with X1 as the outcome variable and V1 as a
> categorical variable whilst V2 and V3 are continuous. If so, could you
> please point me to the paper/code? I have only found examples of how to do
> it with continuous predictors but never using categorical variables.
> Best wishes,
> Catia
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