[R-meta] extract pval from robust function

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Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for your answer, it works.

One more thing, using the dat.konstantopoulos2011 example, I asked for the fitstats of res. I need to extract the AICc value, i.e. 23.3; how can I do it ? Also, I assume that those fitstats data are valid using the robust function results; are they ?

> fitstats(res)
logLik:   -7.24
deviance: 14.48
AIC:      22.48
BIC:      30.44
AICc:     23.30

Thanks in advance, 

Roger ☺

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Hi Roger,

robust(res, cluster=dat$district)$pval[2]

Use str() to find out about the structure of an object, so:

str(robust(res, cluster=dat$district))

Scanning through all that stuff will often lead to the answer.


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>Dear list members,
>In this example, the p-value of year in the robust function is 0.5885; 
>what are the codes to extract that p-value ?
>dat <- dat.konstantopoulos2011
>res <- rma.mv(yi ~ year, vi, random = ~ 1 | district/school, data=dat) 
>robust(res, cluster=dat$district)
>Thanks in advance.
>Roger :)

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