[R-meta] How could I conduct meta-analysis with single group percentage outcomes?

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Tue Mar 22 14:28:26 CET 2022

When I commented on your post on CrossValidated I suggested two packages 
which you could investigate. Which of them did you decide on and where 
have you got stuck?


On 21/03/2022 15:57, Yue Yin wrote:
> Hi, all,
> I want to conduct a meta-analysis using R on a bunch of articles. The
> outcomes are in percentage format and it is single group. I am wondering
> how could I use R to do this kind of meta-analysis? In the beginning, I
> thought that I could use metaprop, but after I checked the example, I think
> I can only use metaprop when I want to compute the proportion. For example,
> we have several events out of the total sample size for each article, and
> we can use metaprop to compute it. And because each individual has
> percentage, I can't back convert the percentage to the number of event. In
> my example, which R statement or argument should I use to deal with single
> group percentage data? I hope I could get the following forest plot with
> the percentage, standard error and sample size on the left column (I found
> this example in an article, and they also have one group percentage data,
> but I can't find which R statement or argument I can use):
> [image: Example forest plot with single group percentage outcome]
> Could anyone help me with it? Thank you!
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