[R-meta] Any metafor resource for meta-analysis with individual data

Luke Martinez m@rt|nez|ukerm @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Sun Mar 20 05:26:00 CET 2022

Hello All,

Imagine a single-group experiment (same group pre- and post-tested)
has been replicated ten times with independent groups of participants
by the same lab:

R O X O   ==> 10 times

In each experiment, participants answer a multiple-choice test at the
pre- and the post-test. So, participants' responses on each test item
are binary (correct, not correct).

So, we have access to the raw data. In this situation, is there any
advantage for meta-analyzing these 10 replication experiments? Can
metafor do this?

I'd highly appreciate any resources/guidance that I could access to
learn more about software, or methodology surrounding this issue.


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