[R-meta] Question regarding metarate calling the Poisson model for meta-analysis

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Fri Mar 18 09:23:04 CET 2022

Dear all,

We are conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis to determine the risk of infection in previously-colonized patients with multidrug-resistant microorganisms. Using metarate, we have tried to call the random intercept Poisson regression model (Stijnen et al., 2010) from the R package metafor in order to pool cumulative incidence (proportions). We wanted to use the random effects, to account for different cumulative time periods of follow-up. The pooled results however, showed confidence limits that differed significantly when we compared these to exact Poisson 95% CIs that we calculated separately. Is it possible to use your R package to perform meta-analyses using the Poisson-based approach, with a random effect for follow-up time to account for variations in cumulative time period per individual study. We aimed to yield point estimates and 95% CIs for the cumulative incidence (not using any risk ratios or comparator groups).

We would like to inquire whether it is possible to conduct the intended meta- analysis using this package? Otherwise, could you inform us on a good alternative approach?


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