[R-meta] Potential bug in clubSandwich::Wald_test()

Stefanou Revesz @te|@noureve@z @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Tue Mar 1 18:14:58 CET 2022

Dear Dr. Pustejovsky (and other Meta Experts),

I've run into a potential bug in clubSandwich::Wald_test().

Would you please confirm whether the error in the following reproducible
example is a bug or not? Any possible fix?


d <- read.csv("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fpqq/w/main/f.csv")

fit <- rma.mv(gi ~ teaching_level +pd_format +pd_content +
                      training_hr +time +outcome +area +
                       time_wk_whn +time_wk_btw +study_type,
             V = v_gi,
             random = ~1|study/obs,
             data = d)

Wald_test(fit, constrain_zero(fit$btt), "CR2")

Error in symnum(x$p_val, corr = FALSE, na = FALSE, cutpoints = c(0, 0.001,
  must have 2 'symbols' for logical 'x' argument

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