[R-meta] rma.mv only for better SEs

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Mon Jan 31 18:00:18 CET 2022

Generally, two models with different random effects structures will also give you different estimates of the fixed effects (unless the estimates of the variance/covariance components happen to be such that the two models collapse down to the same structure).


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>Hello List Members,
>Reviewing the archived posts, my understanding is that my studies can
>produce multiple effects, so I should use rma.mv() not rma().
>Also, I understand rma.mv() ensures that I get more accurate SEs for my
>fixed effects relative to rma().
>BUT does that also mean that, by definition, rma.mv() should have no
>bearing on the magnitude of the fixed effects themselves and only modifies
>their SEs relative to rma()?
>Thank you,

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