[R-meta] Back transforming Z to r after meta-analysis

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Currently I am performing a meta-analysis of correlations. I first transform these correlations to Fishers'z using metafor, but for interpretation I would like to back-transform the Z to r. I have read a few papers by Adam Hafdahl where he shows that a direct back-transformation as suggested by e.g. Borenstein can lead to errors and would therefore like to use the method he proposed for back-transforming Z to r (e.g. https://bpspsychub.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1348/000711009X431914?).

I did not find any information on the implementation of any back-transformation methods and am wondering if any you know if there is an R-script that implements these transformations. Note: I have emailed the author (Adam) and he also was not aware of any implementation in R.

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