[R-meta] fixed-effect multivariate model interpretation

Filippo Gambarota ||||ppo@g@mb@rot@ @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Jan 3 16:42:05 CET 2022

I'm fitting for the first time a multivariate fixed-effect model using
metafor. The code is:

rma.mv(yi, V, mods = ~ 0 + outcome, data = data, test = "t")
Where V is the block variance-covariance matrix created with vcalc()
that represents the covariance between different outcome levels within
each study. The outcome is a factor that represents different effect
sizes measured on the same participants within a study.
The model as expected did not estimate tau for each outcome and test
all coefficients (each outcome mean with this parametrization) against
0 (both the omnibus test and each beta). My question is about the
*residual heterogeneity* parameter and the associated Q test. Under
this model, I should have assumed that there is no heterogeneity
within each outcome level so I'm not sure how to interpret the
residual heterogeneity in this case.
Thank you!

Filippo Gambarota
PhD Student - University of Padova
Department of Developmental and Social Psychology
Website: filippogambarota.netlify.app
Research Group: Colab   Psicostat

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