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Fri Feb 25 14:15:13 CET 2022

Dear mailing list,

I have a couple of minor questions regarding methods for assessing publication bias while accounting for dependency.

To my understanding, there is no means of running a publication bias analysis, such as trim and fill, with a multilevel meta-analytic model in R (or a model in which dependency issues need be accounted for). I am aware that one can use a regression method, such as regressing the standard error onto the summary estimate, within a multi-level model (this is fairly straightforward using rma.mv(), for example). However, what about methods for assessing the robustness of findings, if publication bias is a concern (such as trim and fill), while also accounting for dependency?

The best I have found is a recent package "PublicationBias" by Mathur and VanderWeele (10.1111/rssc.12440).

I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for particular methods, R packages, or readings?

Thanks so much!


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