[R-meta] Help with explaining why I should use rma.mv

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Dear Tim,

As far as I am concerned, this is fine.


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>Dear Experts,
>I'm writing a quick section in my paper explaining why I used a
>multilevel meta-regression approach (using rma.mv).
>But to simplify what that means, I get a bit stuck.
>Below is the jist of what I've written, but is this technically accurate?
>Tim M
>"When studies give multiple effect sizes, then effect sizes from the
>same studies are often viewed to be more similar to each other than
>those from other studies.
>This fact should make our inferences about the size of treatment
>effect more conservative. Because, the effect sizes from each study
>don't provide independent measures of evidence. Rather, they are
>hierarchically dependent.
>By analogy, this is similar to the issue of nested data structures
>commonly found in educational research. For example, students (like
>effect sizes) from the same classrooms (like studies) tend to respond
>more similarly to an intervention resulting in hierarchical dependence
>emerging in such data.

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